Monday, February 7, 2011

Practicum Project

I’ve always wanted to get involved professionally in a non-profit organization. As I’m about to finish my Bachelor's degree in Communications and my last child is about to enter part-time school, I’m again looking forward to pursuing this interest in a professional manner. Of course, the world has changed much in the last decade and a half and my interests have expanded to include social media. So, in considering my Practicum project, I am proposing to create a blog to help connect non-profit organizations with volunteers through communicating with an ever-growing audience regarding my research through social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook. I hope this will become an ongoing project throughout the many years to come in which I will come to understand non-profit organizations across the US and even the world, how they function and where they most need help. Of course, I hope to become more familiar with the ins and outs of the social media world.  Sincerely, as I consider going back to work in the professional world, finding a job that mixes non-profit and social media would be ideal. I’d love to be the person one or more companies would utilize to establish connections with the community through the many technological tools that now encompass our lives.
This is of personal interest because I was born to a teenage mom. Additionally, my family has had a variety of struggles around alcoholism and other addictions. I know what it is like to need the help food banks offer and other forms of community service that are often facilitated through non-profit organizations. Through this kind of profession, I feel like I can pay forward the gifts and blessings I’ve received from the many giving souls that devote their time to such wonderful causes. I am hopeful I can highlight an organization that will “speak” to those who read my blog and that the spirit of service will influence them to serve their community.

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  1. Hi Teri!

    Love the blog and your idea and inspiration to bring together non profit organizations with corporate america. I know at my company there is a charitable giving committee, which focuses on organizations in need, that are doing good. There is an audience for this type of work.

    Remember when we were in YW and we would visit Little Friends in Naperville, and spend time with the residents. Here is thier website, to consider them.

    Keep up the great work! I'll check back as often as possible.